Automotive Technical Clothing

Flexible, fashionable, practical partswear

Automotive Technical Workwear

When they’re handling bulky, heavy and greasy stock. When they’re bending, stretching and reaching. When they’re constantly on the move, of course your parts department wants a bit of give in their outfits. A little take. A little flex.

And like their colleagues in the Service Dept, your parts team won’t want to draw attention to any unsightly grease or oil stains. So best make them as inconspicuous as possible using the right kinds of colours — blacks, browns and dark blues — where occupational hazards leave their mark.

Smart, site-wide and stockroom partswear that your parts team can wear with comfort and pride.

Other Departments

Of course you’ll want your whole team to look great and feel great at work. Which is why we provide a complete range of custom automotive uniforms — whatever the department, whatever the requirement:




Custom technical clothing made easy, made elegant – made just for you. Technical workwear worn with pride.

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