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Meet Darren

Married to the amazing Victoria, three wonderful children: Katie, Natasha and Rafi.

After retiring from studying and instructing martial arts I needed new hobbies, that included my young family more, and I took up cooking and photography. Putting a smile on peoples faces makes me happy and what better way than through the love language of food.

American BBQ, smoking, Middle Eastern, Italian, Spanish, French and a little Oriental cuisine. Signature dishes: 24 hour Sous Vide steak blow torched to perfection, 12 hour New York Pastrami, 5 hour smoked Louisiana baby back beef ribs, 2 hour lollipop chicken. My favourite dish is good old fashioned burgers because my daughter, Tash developed the recipe with me whilst getting funky to our favourite 70s music in the background.

Photography of the family was the first step, my oldest daughter Katie quickly wanted to get involved and take better shots immediately. Photography sparked Katie’s creativity that has led to her becoming an incredible artist and dreams of becoming an architect designing fabulous structures.

Since being proudly associated with the dream making charity Speed of Sight I am privileged to take photos of drivers after they take their helmet off on completion of their driving experience. I am often crying as much as the drivers and families, as the emotion pours out, after the realisation sets in as to what they have just accomplished. It is truly special to be able to be part of these moments. You walk aways from the track feeling that whatever your struggles are they are nothing compared to others and they just get on with it, so you can too.

At the start of the pandemic lockdown I was invited by a customer, a car dealership group owner, to play online poker, whilst on a Zoom call. My client has become a very close friend and I have built some fantastic new relationships. At one time or another we have all had challenging times and we have all supported each other, I love and appreciate them all.

I have benefited greatly from being part of a professional business group surrounded by like minded people who believe in the law of reciprocity and the concept of givers gain. Building relationships and getting to know, like and trust others and seeing their businesses flourish is heartwarming. The groups I support are looking to share £3m+ of invoiced business and are based in Manchester and Bolton. The best part is that with the multiplier effect this money gets spent approximately five times over in the local community benefitting family and friends.

man smiling in the driver's seat of an orange vehicle
Speed of sight track day group smiling

Proud to Support Speed of Sight

We’re proud to support the brilliant Speed of Sight, a charity that offers incredible driving experiences to blind, partially sighted people and people living with disabilities of any age.

Call Us Petrolheads, Revheads, Gearheads, Motorheads, Speed Freaks.

We. Don’t. Care. It’s all good.

Because when it comes to cars and motorsports we’re obsessed.

To the point that we even support the brilliant Speed of Sight, a charity that offers incredible driving experiences to blind, partially sighted and people living with other disabilities, of any age.

It’s an obsession that sees us focus all our efforts on delivering great looking, high performance, easy-order branded workwear for the automotive industry. Uniforms that improve morale and protect profits for businesses such as Mercedes, Volkswagen, Jaguar Land Rover.

And for businesses just like yours.

With years of experience and more than 2000 clients under our (seat) belt, you can be 100% sure that we know exactly what we’re doing.

Workwear Provider vs Specialist Branded Workwear Provider

People often ask us how our commitment to delivering the best looking, best fitting, best value automotive workwear helps them.

We tell them, it’s all to do with pattern matching.

Not the free swatch patterns we send you, or our inspiration boards — but patterns of performance, of problem-solving. Your workflows, your busy schedules, your budgets, the ‘internal sell’, the need to inspire team-wide buy-in — all challenges we understand and all challenges we’ve helped people just like you overcome.

And because we’ve worked in automotive for years, we’ll have an answer to every one of your important questions. Even the questions you haven’t yet thought of.

We’ve Learnt What Successful Branded Workwear Looks Like — and We Know the Best Ways to Deliver it.


By recognising that different people in your business perform different roles, and need different types of uniform.


By appreciating that your time is short and a little guidance can go a very long way. It’s why we create inspiration boards and offer free design services to make your decision-making as simple as possible.


By giving you a smart, simple-to-use app so your staff can confidentially add their measurements and get a smart, perfectly fitting ‘made to measure uniform to be proud of — saving you a fortune on ill-fitting, unwanted and unworn garments.