Personalised High Vis Workwear

Custom high vis workwear helps commercial teams stay safe and perform at a high level every day.

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Personalised High Vis Workwear for Style and Safety

In the commercial automotive industry, drivers are the face of your business. If you want them to make a positive first impression on your customers, it’s important that they have well-made, personalised high vis workwear. Ultimately, your workers need to be practical, presentable and comfortable.

Aside from presenting a polished image to passengers, custom high vis workwear is also an essential safety feature. Leighmans have put all of our experience into designing the ideal workwear for you and your teams. If you want your drivers to stand out and feel good, you’ll be thrilled that you chose us for your workwear.

Branded yellow hooded high vis workwear
Branded yellow high vis workwear jacket
mid length yellow high vis workwear coat
mid length orange high vis workwear coat

Here to Solve Your High Vis Workwear Needs

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The Easy Way to Order Custom High Vis Workwear

Any regular buyer of high vis workwear will confirm that it can be an extremely long-winded task. Aside from the logistical demands of ordering workwear for large teams, complex and cluttered websites often make ordering much more difficult than it needs to be. Therefore, to make the buying journey as painless as possible, a simple and intuitive platform is essential.

Leighmans offers a huge variety of custom high vis workwear from top brands such as Regatta. If you’re looking for an easier way to buy premier workwear, we’re sure that you’ll love using Orderspace.

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Workwear That Works Wonders

Looking for uniforms for other automotive teams? We specialise in workwear for use in all areas of your car dealership.






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Delight Customers With Stylish Handover Gifts

In the automotive world, the key to longevity is making your customers feel valued. Leighmans has a huge range of branded handover gifts, including umbrellas, keyrings, drinkware, document holders, and much more. We’ll help you to take your customer service to the next level and retain their business for years to come.