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Versatile technical workwear that brings style and durability.

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Ready for Anything With Flexible Technical Clothing

To get the best out of your parts team, they’ll need technical clothing that is both smart enough to impress customers and durable enough to withstand the rigours of heavy lifting. Furthermore, you’ll need to ensure they have the option to keep cosy in a draughty warehouse while staying cool in the warmth of the dealership. If you provide your team with uniform options for all eventualities, they’ll pay you back with higher quality work — because happy teams make accomplished teams.

At Leighmans we specialise in quality technical workwear that prioritises adaptability, well-being, and flair. From polo shirts and v-necks to gilets and jumpers, we offer a broad range of clothing that will keep your parts specialists content in every type of environment. Whether they’re wowing customers or finding stock, our premium products will ensure your team is dressed to impress.

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Black VW branded technical workwear jacket
Black VW branded fleece technical clothing
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The Easy Way to Buy Technical Workwear

Ordering technical clothing can be a long-winded operation if you don’t have the right tools. Complex buying platforms increase the chances of long-winded back-and-forths between you and your workwear supplier and end up hindering as much as they help. If you’re responsible for ordering workwear, there’s every chance that a simple, user-friendly buying interface is one of your must-haves.

Leighmans gives you access to a huge variety of clothing types, styles and brands. If you want a clean and classy solution to workwear buying, our Orderspace platform is the right choice for you.

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Dress Your Teams For Success

Looking for workwear for other teams within your car dealership? We specialise in premium uniforms for use in all areas of the automotive industry.






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In the automotive world, the key to longevity is making your customers feel valued. Leighmans has a huge range of branded handover gifts, including umbrellas, keyrings, drinkware, document holders, and much more. We’ll help you to take your customer service to the next level and retain their business for years to come.