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Customised security clothing offers the perfect union of professionalism, comfort, and quality.

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Stand Out From the Crowd in Quality Security Clothes

Security teams have a vital role in business, a role that often requires a broad selection of security clothing. Guards are figures of trust in often high-risk environments, making a professional appearance essential for a combination of authority and approachability. People working in security also need to be instantly visible, giving them the opportunity to make both a powerful first impression and send positive signals about the businesses they represent. When your security teams are dressed well and feel comfortable, they’re much more likely to make great ambassadors for your organisation.

As the workwear specialists, Leighmans understands the importance of quality security clothes. We’ve applied our considerable industry experience to design a comprehensive range of workwear that will help your teams to excel every single day.

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Yellow high vis jacket
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Ordering a Security Uniform Has Never Been Easier

Ordering security clothes can often be a long-winded affair. If you don’t have the right tools, the whole process can feel slow and cumbersome, which is both frustrating and time-consuming for workwear buyers. Therefore, if you’re in the market for a new security uniform, the chances are that a simple and intuitive buying journey is pretty high on your list of priorities.

Leighmans have radically improved the ordering process by adopting Orderspace, a buying portal that is clear, clean and user-friendly. If you want quick, easy access to a huge variety of top brands, you’ll be delighted with Orderspace.

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Workwear That Works Wonders

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