Leighmans is proud to support Speed of Sight

Charity Begins on the Race Track

Speed of Sight began when ‘Superhuman’ Mike Newman decided that he wouldn’t allow being blind from birth to get in the way of his dream of driving at high speed on a race track. Since then, his wonderful charity has empowered countless other visually and physically impaired people to follow his lead — people who refuse to have limits or be limited. Mike has also made waves by breaking over nine records on his way to becoming the fastest blind man on the planet.

Leighmans takes huge pride in supporting charities, and is especially proud of our relationship with Speed of Sight. Since its inception in 2012, this incredible organisation has gone from strength to strength — and continues to grow today. They have helped hundreds of people to make the impossible possible and are committed to helping many more in the years to come.

Experience a Speed of Sight Track Day

Speed of Sight track days are superb events that take place at one of three chosen venues across the UK. Entrants are given a one hour time slot, with each driving experience taking around 20 minutes.

Cars are fitted with dual controls to allow both the instructor and driver the chance to take turns at the wheel and entrants can communicate with the instructor via a headset throughout the session. Following the drive, certificates are handed out to each entrant and there are plenty of opportunities for friends, family, and carers to snap a few memorable photos to mark the happy occasion.

smiling woman in passenger seat at speed of sight track day

Feel the Need for Speed of Sight

Speed of Sight’s track days are inspirational events that are packed with truly memorable moments.

Leighmans’ Proud Track Record for Helping

When it comes to something as worthwhile as Speed of Sight, Leighmans is fully committed to helping out in any way we can. We’ve seen first hand how much joy is generated by track days and are excited by the prospect of helping many more people.

One of the best ways to bring Speed of Sight to a bigger audience is by increasing awareness. That’s why we pledge time to bring our specialist equipment to track days, to take memorable and thought-provoking images of the drivers. We also generate funds by hosting regular poker tournaments, with prize money going towards future events.

man smiling in the driver's seat of an orange vehicle
Speed of sight track day happy group shot

Are You Ready to Get Involved?

Leighmans strongly believes that everyone should have the opportunity to follow their dreams, no matter what their personal circumstances might be. Speed of Sight has a history of making the impossible possible and we would love for you to join us in our mission of making many more dreams into reality.

Whether you choose to volunteer at a track day or want to take part in one of our poker tournaments, we appreciate the support. If you want to know more about how you can help, email us at We can’t wait to hear from you!