Leighmans Workwear is proud to support Speed of Sight

Charity… Begins on the Racetrack

Hold on tight — because this is incredible.

Born completely blind, Mike Newman’s life’s ambition was to become a racing driver.

Ambitious for anyone.

But if you’re blind?

The thing is, just because Mike is disabled, it doesn’t mean he’s UNABLE. Working tirelessly to fulfil his dream, he teamed up with a local Jaguar dealership.

Speed of Sight Charity Driving Experiences

Speed of sight track day happy group shot

Fast-forward over a decade, and Mike Newman is a 9-time World Record Holder as the fastest blind man on land and water on the planet.

But perhaps even more impressive than Mike’s incredible sporting achievements is Speed of Sight — his driving event charity that’s already empowered hundreds of people with disabilities, of all ages, through motorsport.

We want them to empower hundreds more.

How could we not get involved?

We’d Love YOU to Get Involved

So now, like the people whose lives Mike and his team transform, instead of focusing on what we can’t do, we focus on what we CAN, to raise awareness and funds for Speed of Sight.

This means that Darren volunteers his time and photography skills at Speed of Sight track days, as well as raising money at his own poker nights (unfortunately for him, his camera work is far more impressive than his card work. The other players don’t seem to mind).

What do you think?

Fancy your chances on the poker table? Like the look of a track day? Know someone who might?

Please drop us a line here:

They’re doing a great, great thing there at Speed of Sight. We’d love you to be part of it too.

Speed of sight official in black fleece