According to a study by a US university, the number one New Year’s Resolution for 2014 is to lose weight. One brand to capitalise on this collective desire to shed pounds is Kellogg’s Special K.

The cereal brand asked three agencies to collaborate to come up with an experiential campaign to run during January that would inspire consumers to get fit.

The Australian campaign, created by JWT Sydney, VML, and Liquid Ideas, was designed to promote Kellogg’s offer of a free Special K branded training top with the purchase of three packs of Special K cereal.

The idea was to let shoppers at 10 malls see a fitter version of themselves through some clever ‘changing room mirrors’. The mirrors were in fact modified retail panels built by oOh! Media, offering the passer-by an opportunity to view their reflection wearing a Kellogg’s Special K Inspirational Training Top.

The ‘changing room mirror’ effect was achieved by surfacing the back wall of the retail panel with a mirror and suspending a custom mannequin wearing the branded training top.

Kellogg’s Marketing Director, John Broome, said: “Involving our audience is a fun way to build awareness and a buzz around the brand. Having these ads in shopping centres enables shoppers to act on their intention to fulfil their New Year’s resolution of starting a healthy lifestyle by being active.”

Meanwhile JWT’s Kuala Lumpur division also used branded clothing to kick start the year for Special K. The brief was to create a premium to incentivise adoption of the ‘Drop a Jean Size’ program, which promises to help participants drop a jean size in two weeks.

The agency did this by producing a Special K branded nightshirt printed with tape measures.

“When it comes to dieting, consumers need to know that they are getting results. We helped Special K eaters stay on track with the ‘Measuring Tee’ bundle pack. It includes all the Special K they need for the two weeks and a nightshirt that allows challengers to literally measure their progress,” said a spokesperson.

The New Year activity by the cereal brand builds on the innovative experiential work it carried out in 2013, which included opening Australia’s first ever ‘social currency’ shop.

The Special K Post Office was open for four days at Westfield Sydney and offered shoppers the chance to sample Special K’s latest savoury snack -Special K Cracker Crisps – in exchange for a social media post via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Nik Scotcher, Marketing Manager, Snacks at Kellogg’s said: “We wanted to give people something in return for the things they do naturally on social media already.”

These three campaigns are extremely savvy. Not only do they get the consumer to purchase more of the product, they also get them to endorse and advertise the brand too, either by posting on social media or physically wearing a branded item of clothing. Giving away promotional clothing branded with your company logo can be marketing gold – as long as the garment is high quality and the person actually wants to wear it – what you essentially have is a walking billboard! Sound like a good idea? Check out our extensive range and get your (branded) thinking caps on for a creative campaign.

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