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For many, spring is the season of renewal and change. It’s the period that brings longer days, extra sunshine, and a splash of much needed colour and vibrancy. However, in some ways the months between March and May are also something of a midway point that retain some of the crispness of winter while also hinting at the warmth to come in summertime. 

Therefore, as a transitional season, spring throws up a few challenges when it comes to dressing appropriately for the average working day. The automotive world is not immune to the changeable nature of this particular season. For sales professionals out on the forecourt, or mechanics in the workshop, spring workwear can make a big difference to how well teams are able to tackle the varying climate.

Here are Leighmans’ top tips for keeping automotive teams happy during one of the most pleasant — yet often unpredictable — seasons in the calendar. 

Tackle Rising Spring Temperatures With Breathable Workwear

Between March and May the average temperature in the UK tends to rise pretty steadily month on month — potentially doubling in some regions. For automotive businesses like car dealerships, the onset of warmer days requires a pretty quick transition from multiple layers and heavy winter coats to breathable workwear that is light enough to not only keep teams comfortable, but also ready to withstand any unexpected April showers.

sales professionals need a range of workwear

For sales professionals, no two days will ever be the same, and time can often be broadly split between indoor and outdoor roles. Therefore, it might be important to cover as many bases as possible, with carefully selected all seasons workwear like polo shirts, t-shirts, and soft shell jackets; as well as light, comfortable trousers. It might also be worth considering a range of branded umbrellas to keep your salespeople dry, look after customers, and advertise your dealership with quality automotive merchandise.

Although working almost exclusively indoors means that service teams might not need breathable waterproof workwear, they will need to be prepared for a potentially clammy workshop. Mechanics tend to work in warm, sweaty conditions all year round, so the rise in temperature means they could benefit from light t-shirts and overalls if you want them to keep cool and content.   

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Embrace Versatile All Seasons Workwear for Colder Days & Nights

While airy fabrics are a great option for spring’s warmer days, they won’t offer much protection against colder temperatures. In fact, any automotive teams who work during spring evenings will probably need to dress in a more wintry uniform to keep warm. That could mean wearing spring workwear options such as soft shell jackets, jumpers, and, if visibility is an important consideration, high vis waterproof workwear.

For any automotive teams who work during spring’s chillier evenings, layering can be a really useful tactic. Likewise, any employee whose working day stretches from the afternoon into the evening might find that starting with a polo shirt and layering up with sweatshirts and jackets provides just the right balance to keep comfortable all day. 

Ultimately, spring workwear should be ready to offer the best of both worlds, making a broad choice of garments and base layers a good way to tackle changeable temperatures.

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Maintain High Vis Waterproof Workwear to Ensure Safety

For commercial teams who work outdoors in low-level light, high vis waterproof workwear is essential if you want to be seen by potential hazards like vehicles. Additionally, springtime showers can lead to the reflective strips at the bottom of trouser legs getting covered in mud and dirt. Once this happens the garments might not offer the same level of visibility, which can really hamper their effectiveness.

One option here is to wash your high vis waterproof workwear whenever dirt and mud begin to build up around the reflective sections. However, it’s worth noting that the average high vis garment is built to withstand about 25 washes before the beading starts to wear and it needs to be replaced. Therefore it might make sense to have two or more of every item and to rotate them regularly to keep them in good shape for longer. 

Ultimately, high vis waterproof workwear should be seen as more than just a preference. In reality it’s actually an essential safety feature that should be well maintained before being replaced when it stops serving its main purpose.

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Gilets: The Perfect Garments for All Seasons Workwear

When it comes to finding the right garments for spring workwear, you can’t go wrong with a gilet. Also known as a body warmer, the gilet does a great job of keeping your core warm by adding an extra layer that can sit on top of light garments or be worn underneath — or even on top of — a jacket for maximum comfort and warmth. This type of item is especially useful in the automotive industry as it doesn’t inhibit movement, which makes it a great option for mechanics and parts teams

parts worker in stockroom

While it’s a useful option all year round, in spring the gilet really comes into its own, as it has a great combination of adaptability, comfort, and practicality. It is widely seen as an ideal choice for layering and, although it’s often thought of as being casual wear, it can still look stylish and professional to any potential customers. 

In short, any teams who need to stay warm without being limited when stretching and bending should consider these garments an essential workwear choice.

Spring Ahead With Leighmans’ Breathable Workwear

Leighmans is a highly-regarded specialist in automotive work clothes for every season. We supply high quality, all seasons workwear that offers comfort, practicality, and style at competitive prices. From versatile, breathable gilets and polo shirts to waterproof high vis workwear, jackets, and much more — we’ve established ourselves as a favourite among car dealerships and commercial teams across the UK.  

Along with our premier products, we also offer a simple journey from ordering items through to delivery, and always aim to make sure that your requirements guide everything we do.

Whether you already have a clear idea of what you need, or are open to advice, we’re ready to help. If you’re looking for custom uniforms and unrivalled customer service, you’ll be delighted to work with us. 

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