The automotive industry has needed to adapt to changing buyer attitudes in recent years. A steady shift towards customers viewing cars and services on smartphones and laptops is widely thought to have only been accelerated by the global pandemic. As a combination of advances in technology and a more competitive market than ever take hold, many dealerships find themselves moving away from traditional in-person interactions towards an increasingly ‘online’ approach.

This technological change to the status quo isn’t just limited to car sales, it’s also used by many automotive companies for car servicing, MOTs, and more. One of the biggest effects of this transformation involves the delivery drivers who are now responsible for dropping off and picking up customer vehicles. These employees have suddenly become the dealership’s first and last point of contact, which demands serious consideration about how suitably they are dressed for their role.

Let’s take a look, then, at how a drivers’ bespoke uniform could shape opinions of your dealership, make a big difference to morale, and improve both customer satisfaction and retention.

The Changing Face of Delivery Uniform Workwear

One of the prerequisites of the modern age is convenience. The automotive industry is no exception to this, with some surveys claiming that a whopping 30% of potential car buyers would prefer to cut out the dealership altogether and buy their new vehicle online. As a result of this ongoing cultural shift, many dealerships have chosen to satisfy increased demand for online services by making it easier for customers to access their offerings from the comfort of their own home. It’s a trend that seems likely to accelerate in the coming years.

driver in delivery uniform workwear unloads goods

This has led to the realisation that the delivery driver is quickly becoming the face of many dealerships. A big factor in making a positive first impression comes from the image presented to customers. A premium bespoke uniform sends out a powerful visual message about the rest of your company that can make a big difference in how your company is perceived.

Therefore, if you want to show customers that you mean business, dressing your front line drivers in stylish and professional workwear is a great way to make a statement.

The Impact of Bespoke Work Uniforms on Drivers and Dealerships

While making an impression is an obvious benefit of bespoke uniforms, there are other reasons to push workwear up your list of priorities. Perhaps the biggest benefit to drivers and, by extension, dealerships is the transformative impact a professional uniform can have on morale and staff loyalty. Put simply, when your delivery drivers feel like part of a professional team, they’re more likely to act like one.

Additionally, delivery uniform workwear can go a long way towards fostering a sense of team spirit and togetherness. When your drivers see each other sporting the same clothing, it shows that everyone is unified and working towards a common goal. Furthermore, when your drivers feel like everyone is on the same page, they’re more likely to buy into the broader company ethos, which can be great news for staff retention.

smiling driver in delivery uniform workwear

Ultimately, your staff should be seen as your biggest assets, and when they’re treated with respect, they can be a powerful tool in promoting your dealership. If you want to energise and unify your delivery drivers, bespoke work uniforms are a tremendous step. When the face of your business is smiling, customers are much more likely to return the gesture.

Customers Respond Positively to Bespoke Work Uniforms

While quality of service does matter to customers, image remains an important factor in making a positive — and lasting — first impression. A bespoke uniform lends your company an air of credibility, giving your customers a much-needed feeling of security that they’ve made a wise decision in choosing your services. Additionally, easily identifiable working attire can help to establish your brand as its own unique entity, which is a fantastic way to make a name for yourself in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

A smartly-dressed driver could even make such a potent first impression that customer complaints drop and satisfaction increases. When your customers see a well-dressed driver they will get an image of professionalism and reliability that can kick start your mutual relationship. In this regard, bespoke uniforms shine a positive light on the entire dealership.

Driver workwear is, therefore, a compelling strategy for sending all the right signals, leading to upswings in customer satisfaction and increased brand loyalty.

Which Bespoke Work Uniform Is Best for My Dealership?

If you’ve decided to invest in delivery uniform workwear, the next step is to choose the type of clothing that works best for your team. This is an important decision, as comfort and practicality can have a big impact upon morale — which feeds directly into productivity. The more comfortable your team feels across a range of conditions, the likelier it is you’ll get the best out of them.

smiling customer shakes hands with salesperson

Let’s take a look at the kind of workwear options that provide your drivers with a firm foundation for peak performance:

  • Polo shirt: Light, breathable fabric is ideal for keeping cool in summer. A branded polo shirt will also look smart enough to make a good first impression, while being casual enough to remain approachable.
  • Sweatshirt: When the temperature drops in autumn and winter, a sweatshirt is the perfect second layer to wear over a polo shirt. Additionally, it maintains an ideal balance between smart and casual.
  • Soft shell jacket: If you’re looking for warmth, flexibility, and comfort in colder weather, the soft shell jacket is a sensible choice.
    Black trousers: Simple, smart, and comfortable, black trousers are a practical choice that can be worn all year round.

Finally, any decision about specific types of uniform should be underscored by an insistence upon quality. Ultimately, buy well, buy once is absolutely true of bespoke uniforms. Therefore, it’s important to ignore the false economy of poorly made ‘budget’ workwear and to invest instead in well-made clothing that lasts.

Leighmans — The Bespoke Uniform Specialists

Leighmans’ comprehensive industry experience means we’re perfectly placed to provide workwear of the highest possible standard. We supply quality branded uniforms for all teams within the automotive industry, from sales and service through to parts and commercial. If you want your drivers to stand out from the crowd, we’ll provide expert guidance to help turn your workwear visions into a reality.

Our commitment to innovation led to the creation of the Workwear Wizard. This handy app simplifies the ordering process and removes the need for awkward conversations about sizing. Your team will soon come to love its winning combination of discretion and simplicity.

If you’re looking for premium delivery uniform workwear that is both durable and stylish, you’ll be delighted that you chose to work with Leighmans. Contact us today.

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