Often the weirder and more wonderful a promotional gift, the longer it will stick in the mind of the lucky recipient. Here we look at ten of the most unusual and unforgettable promotional gifts sent out by some of the world’s biggest companies.

1. KFC’s Computer Hardware

Image via KFC Japan

Combining the traditional 11 spice and herbs recipe with modern computer technology; KFC decided to create their own range of computer hardware devices. KFC Japan’s Twitter followers were entered into a draw to win fried chicken drumstick shaped iPhones, keyboards, USB sticks and even a head pillow.

2. Fantastic Mr Fox’s Tail

To celebrate the release of Wes Anderson’s remake of the Roald Dahl classic, Fantastic Mr Fox, 20th Century Fox sent out promotional fox-tail ties to film and industry websites. This promo piece allowed journalists and PR gurus to replicate the style choices of the film’s antagonist – a mean farmer who snipped of the eponymous hero’s tail and wore it as a neck tie.

3. The Simpsons Trick or Treat Bucket

The annual Treehouse of Horror episode from The Simpsons has become something of an institution with Fox now sending out promo gifts in support of the event. The small plastic Trick or Treat bucket with Simpsons’ insignia is likely to have been a big hit with the children of journalists and review website owners.

4. Lopez Tonight Water Cooler

via A.V Club

The office water cooler has long been the traditional place for light-hearted discussions at work with colleagues, a phenomenon exploited by the marketing team behind George Lopez’s chat show, Lopez Tonight. The team will be hoping that branding water coolers with George Lopez’s face and the viewing times will shift conversation focus from the morning’s news and office gossip to Lopez himself.

5. Monster Vs Aliens Cooler Bag

Marketing a film in which the protagonist retains the ability to morph into any shape, really opens up the promotional gift options. The team behind Monsters Vs Aliens plumped for an item just about every household needs – a cooler bag for picnics and barbecues.

6. Bullet Proof Vest

Veering away from functional promotional giveaways, the marketing team behind Steven Seagal: Lawman sent out promotional bullet proof vests to whip up excitement about the show. Despite the lack of usability in daily life, it’s a gift which would not be forgotten in a hurry.

7. Brownie Mix and Chocolate Tips

A cheeky nod to the psychedelic, legendary Woodstock of 1969 – the festival’s promoter sent out brownie mix and chocolate chips to fans. Recipients were free to add their own ‘secret ingredients’ at their pleasure.

8. Prison Break Soap

A promotional gift you never want to drop, Prison Break promoters mailed out soap bars to review sites and a magazines. The usable soap was simply adorned with the show’s name and the date when the latest series was due to air.

9. Inflatable Punching Bag

Promoting the launch of the latest title in the computer fighting game, Tekken, the marketing team sent out inflatable punching bags for fans to test their real-life fighting skills again. The fighting bags’ exteriors featured the image of characters from the series, allowing fans to get their own back after frustrating arcade-mode defeats.

10. Digital Wine Tester

For higher end clients and partners, a digital wine tester can help protect them against drinking inferior wine ever again. Built in thermometers will ensure their tipple is at perfect drinking temperature. Subtly adorned with your branding, the wine tester could become a handbag, suitcase or travel bag necessity.

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