Blatantly ignoring the lessons shared by the big brands benefitting from the world’s most recognisable logos, some companies choose to infect their branding with ill-considered design practices and logos. Here we have a look at the companies and organisations which should have a word with their graphic designer…

1. Kathrein Satellite and Antenna

When German electronics manufacturer, Kathrein, decided to combine their satellite and antenna services into one organisation – someone in the marketing team thought it would make sense to amalgamate the two divisions into one handy logo. And the name ‘SatAn’ was born. Despite 64% of the nation being fluent in English, no one from Kathrein noticed their devilish logo mistake.

2. Catwear

The current Catwear logo may be plain and inoffensive. But this is after a much needed revision, as a previous logo from the ladies clothing brand included the anus and back legs of a cat representing the letter ‘A’. Not ideal for a range which is attempting to appeal to glam ladies.


3. Mama’s Baking

You’ve got to feel sorry for Mama of Mama’s Bakery. Whatever it is that she’s baking, it looks like it hurts a lot.

4. State of Vermont Pure Maple Syrup

The thinking behind this logo is obviously “Hey, let’s really stress the point that our syrup comes straight from the State of Vermont.” Unfortunately, no one from the State of Vermont Pure Maple Syrup thought “Hey, let’s make sure the logo doesn’t look like a wrinkly old bloke urinating into a bin.”


5. Dodge Viper

When car manufacturer Dodge, released the logo for their Viper sports car – their marketing team must have been pleased with the sleek and intimidating front-facing snake head design. Unfortunately, when turned upside-down, the logo looked more like Warner Brother’s Daffy Duck. Dodge quickly replaced this design with a snake approaching at an angle.

6. London Olympics 2012

Costing £400,000 (don’t ask me how), the London Olympics 2012 logo was one of the few fails of an excellently-executed sporting event. The jagged design was even likened to Bart and Lisa caught in an uncompromising position.

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Images sourced via Flickr Creative Commons, Pinterest and Imgur. Credit: Imgur, Procsilas Moscas,,, so good,,,

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