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The Changing Attitude to Automotive Workwear

By |October 14, 2022|News|

Back in the day, automotive workwear wasn’t something that was given much consideration. In fact, it would be fair to say that workwear was barely even an after-thought for most car dealerships. Mechanics wore overalls [...]

6 Unbelievable Corporate Logo Fails

By |September 9, 2015|News|

Blatantly ignoring the lessons shared by the big brands benefitting from the world’s most recognisable logos, some companies choose to infect their branding with ill-considered design practices and logos. Here we have a look at the [...]

How Not to Plan a Marketing Campaign

By |May 16, 2015|News|

Advertising and marketing is somewhat of a double-edge sword – potentially making or breaking your company and brand, depending how successfully it is planned and executed. Here, we have a look at some of the [...]

Seven Crazy Marketing Campaigns That Actually Worked

By |March 4, 2015|News|

Separating your company and products/services from the herd is one of the primary targets for a considered marketing campaign. Here, we celebrate some of the most unique and unusual marketing campaigns which have paid off [...]

Ten Unusual and Hilarious Promotional Gifts

By |January 28, 2015|News|

Often the weirder and more wonderful a promotional gift, the longer it will stick in the mind of the lucky recipient. Here we look at ten of the most unusual and unforgettable promotional gifts sent [...]

Trends in Corporate Gifts. This Time It’s Personal!

By |February 20, 2014|News|

‘Personalisation’ is a big trend right now, as testified by the growth in personalised card and gift sites such as Moonpig.com, Funkypigeon.com and Notonthehighstreet.com. But how does this trend translate for a B2B audience? Read [...]